Free & Natural Electricity

by Randy Cox, Master Electrician

All electricity that ever was or ever will already here in the form of natural energy.   Electricity is the stuff that keeps electrons orbiting around neutrons.  We can't make it; it already exists and there is a lot of it!  40 years ago when I became a master electrician, electric power was cheap.  Our electric bill was 30 or 40 dollars.  I remember the shock we felt with our first monthly bill in excess of a hundred dollars.   Wow, would it be nice to go back to those days. 

For something that exists everywhere, they sure charge a lot of money. People like Enron have been slipping their hand in our pockets for too long.  Home solar power and home wind power could  put those bad guys in their proper place. 

Power happens when  free electrons pop out of their valance and into the valance of another neutron, crowding its electron  out.  At the speed of light, one electron replaces another which replaces another and so on until the last one in the circuit goes to the place left vacant by the first.   This is electric current and we pay dearly as we use these little electrons to do all sorts of useful things.

It happens quite naturally everywhere...all the time.  Solar power, wind power, friction of various things moving against other things generate electrical power. A single bolt of lightning can have as much as a billion volts of electricity.    We can generate our own renewable energy.

We don’t  let mega corporations charge us for the air we breathe.  Why do we let them charge us when wind and solar power abound in our back yards?   We make them rich, and they send our hard earned dollars to nations that hate us to buy oil which they use to generate power that exists unused at home.

It's time we harvest that free power and stop the insane wealth-depleting greed of those mega corporations and the the foreign nations that are currently draining our financial and political life blood.

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